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Russian Blue and Russian Black kittens from


Welcome to Brightlite Russian Blues and Russian Blacks.

We have adored the Russian breed since 1983 when we were joined by Boris our first Russian Blue.

After admiring Russian Blacks for many years we were delighted when Cheska came to live with us in February 2011. Cheska (Champion Sithee Madam Belladonna) and her daughter Imperial Grand Champion Brightlite Inki Black were the first two Russian Blacks in the UK to become Champions and Inki is the first and (so far), only Russian Black to become an Imperial Grand Champion.

Russian Blacks and Russian Blues both have the same wonderful loving temperament and characteristics. Russian Blacks also have a stunning glossy jet black coat – photos rarely do them justice!

We live near Beverley in East Yorkshire, UK and sometimes have kittens available (see Kittens page). Our kittens are born in the bedroom and raised in our home and are given lots of TLC .

ightlitecats are breeders of Russian Blue kittens and Russian Black kittens (including Brightlite Black Caviar Best Foreign Exhibit at Gwynedd Show). We own and show Russian Blue cats and Russian Black cats and may have kittens for sale available. Please phone us to enquire. In Your Cat we were mis-spelt as Britelight Black Caviar

Brightlite is our GCCF & TICA Registered prefix and we are members of the RBBA.

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