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Forever homes

Here are some comments and photos of our kittens sent by their new owners.


Brightlite Inky ( Russian Black kitten)

Willow (Brightlite Inky) lives in Dorset. "Willow travelled very well......300 miles without a meow and no accidents. Today she is exploring her living quarters and adjusting well and using her little tray every time! She is wonderful and her temperament is fabulous we have fallen in love with her!"




rightlite Inky (Russian Black)

"Willow has settled in even more today, she is a very loving and confident little girl (quite cheeky at times!). She is giving us a lot of pleasure having joined the household! After my birthday celebrations my grandchildren and their parents all came over......Willow sat very happily in the middle of them all....and didn’t want to leave the games which I found very endearing!

We still can’t get over how beautiful she is!"





Mischa visiting a relative in Nottingham

"It is almost exactly a year since Mischa moved to join us in London. We're delighted to have her..... and we adore her. She is a lovely, lovely cat and so clearly well brought up in her first three months!"










Prinze Kasper lives near Scarborough.

"Kasper is just amazing and is loved very much. He's very, very well and says thank you for his birthday wishes."












Pinot and Galliano live near Market Rasen.

"Thank you so much for our beautiful kittens. They seem already to be settling in well - please see photos just taken. Will send further photos soon."

Here they are snuggled on a scratching post...







...and here they are relaxing on their shelves :-)







Tatyana lives near Leicester with her new family and her friend Tony.

"Everybody loves Tatyana, she's so stunning and has so many endearing little quirks that make us laugh! She particularly likes sleeping in our bed, but burrowed deep under the duvet by our feet. Odd but very cute!"











Russian Blue cat from


Brightlite Svetlana (Koshka) is getting lots of cuddles at her home in Essex and was joined a year later by her little brother Brightlite Maxim (Russian Black) - photo below.

"She is very loving and seems very happy."











Russian Black cat from


Brightlite Maxim meeting his new owner's fiancé (now husband) for the first time............and falling asleep on his knee!








Brightlite Maxim

"Koshka and Maxim have been playing, grooming and calling for each other to play all day ... which is just what we wanted."









Russian Blue cat from



Brightlite Anoushka (Noush) lives in Brough and is seen here in one of her favourite sleeping places! She was joined a year later by her little sister Brightlite Mia (Russian Black).

"Anoushka is very well and is such a laid back, happy affectionate cat."










Brightlite Anoushka and Brightlite Mia snuggled on their radiator hammock.

"Mia's settled in really really well!!! She's happy and purry and her and Noush are lovely together!! They groom each other, sleep together, play together. It's so nice to see :-) "








Brightlite Jaykorski lives near Barnsley with his pal Barley.

"Korki has settled in really well. He's very playful and affectionate and loves charging round the house in the middle of the night (we love this too obviously!!!!). He and Barley are now becoming friends and spend quite a large amount of the day together. "








Russian Blue cat from


Brightlite Archibald (Archie) lives in Hove with his brother Gabriel (see below). Their owner takes lots of photos of them and they can often be seen on Facebook.

"Just to let you know that the boys are well and truly settling in already. I currently have Archie sat next to me like a magnet while Gabe explores the view outside and gets excited every time a bus passes by. It was truly lovely yesterday as they were both looking outside tilting their heads from side to side as anything passed!"







Russian Black cat from


Brightlite Gabriel (Gabe) "...seems to have no fear and had a great time running into the shower yesterday as well! ...... Archie prefers to be sat VERY close as opposed to being on my lap - which is fine as Gabe has earmarked that as his."








Russian Blue cat from


Brightlite Valentina, seen here relaxing, lives near Huddersfield.

"Thank you for letting me have such a lovely little bundle of joy and a new friend for Hollie."



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