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Champion Sithee Madam Belladonna Champion Sithee Madam Belladonna (Cheska) DOB 02/10/10

Cheska is a typical Russian Black - gentle, affectionate, playful and loving, with a beautiful glossy black coat and green eyes. She gets on well with our other animals and loves to have a charge around the house in an evening with Inki (Grand Champion Brightlite Inki Black) and Cav (Grand Champion Brightlite Black Caviar), her daughters. She has proved to be a great Mum to her kittens, very attentive and since she is a perennial kitten herself, thoroughly enjoys playing with them!

She is a "dream come true" for us because we had admired the Russian Blacks for many years and didn't think that we would ever be fortunate enough to share our home with one and although we waited a couple of years for her, she was well worth it. She is therefore very special to us and we adore her. Many thanks to Catherine Kaye of Sithee Russians for entrusting her to us.

Testament to her wonderful temperament and looks, she has also been very successful in her showing career, winning numerous Firsts and Best of Breeds plus Best Russian White or Black at the RBBA show in 2014. Her son, Grand Premier Brightlite Slinky Malinki, won Best Russian White or Black at the RBBA show in 2016 and her daughter, Champion Brightlite Treacle Puddin' won Best Russian White or Black at the RBBA show in 2017. Cheska was the first GCCF Russian White or Black to obtain a Best of Breed award. She won 5 Merits at Preliminary level in 2011 and three Intermediate Certificates at Provisional level in 2012 becoming the first Russian Black GCCF Intermediate Qualifier.

On 22nd February 2014, Cheska continued to make history by winning her third Challenge Certificate and becoming the first Russian Black Champion in the UK. She achieved this in three straight shows and is the only Russian Black to qualify at all three stages of their progression.

4th October 2014, Cheska again made history at the Russian Blue Breeders Association Championship Show when she became the first Russian Black or White to be awarded a Grand Challenge Certificate.

Cheska has retired from breeding/showing and enjoys toasting herself in front of the stove or on a windowsill and playing with her grandkids when she fancies a game of tag.



Grand Champion Brightlite Inki Black DOB 10/01/12

Inki is Cheska's daughter and has the same wonderful temperament, glossy black coat and green eyes as her mum. Aside from playing with her mum, her sister and her toys, she loves a game of fetch when we finally sit down at the end of the day.

Inki has also had a successful showing career at kitten and adult stages - numerous Firsts and Best of Breeds, Best of Variety Foreign Adult and Best Overall Foreign, three Intermediate Certificates and three Challenge Certificates, at three straight shows, making her the second Russian Black GCCF Champion. In 2016 she qualified for the title of Grand Champion by winning three Grand Challenge Certificates at three straight shows and made history by becoming the first Russian Black to win an Imperial Certificate.

Inki, like Cheska, is also an excellent mum to her kittens, very attentive and loves playing with them.


Grand Champion Brightlite Black Caviar DOB 21/02/13

Cav has also achieved numerous Firsts and Best of Breeds at both Kitten and Adult level. She won Best Foreign Kitten and Best Overall Foreign, had a "Red Card" day and was in the Best in Show line up at her first show in 2013. In 2018 Cav qualified as a Grand Champion, winning her three Grand certificates in the minimum number of shows. She's very affectionate and loves sitting on laps and being picked up for cuddles.

One of her son's, Brightlite Black Midnight, is the first Russian Black to win a Premier Certificate and he followed in his mum's pawprints in achieving a "Red Card" day at his first show, by winning First in his Open class and all three of his side classes at the RBBA show in 2016. Another son, Champion Brightlite Black Tie Affair, qualified as a champion at three straight shows and was Best Foreign Adult at his first adult show.


Champion Brightlite Black Tie Affair DOB 20/09/16

Cav's son is very much a "cuddle-bunny", loving his cuddles, snuggling under duvets and fleeces, in between playing tag with granny Cheska. He achieved his title of Champion, by 13 months of age, at three straight shows and won Best Foreign Adult at his first adult show.

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